Mamba Guns is the only company of its kind, we are a fully automatic gun collector that offers the public a chance to shoot fully automatic guns in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, as well as some surrounding areas. Shooting fully automatic guns in Texas is finally made easy through Mamba guns. We utilize our friendships and location to bring fully automatic gun shoots to you on demand at various ranges across the DFW area. Our fully automatic collection includes AK47s, MP5Ks, and an MG42, just to name a few, and we also offer other weapons that are single shot and semi-auto. Come enjoy the adrenaline filled full auto shooting experience with Mamba Guns!

Mamba Guns is locally owned and operated. Owner, Kelly, has been collecting guns since around 13 years old. He is an expert in most military weapons. Kelly, and the other Mamba Guns experts add value to the shooting experience. We know our guns, and at a Mamba Guns shoot our knowledge is at your disposal. Our experts will answer as many questions as you would like, or simply keep our mouths shut while you enjoy your adrenaline filled shoot.