ShopNDrop.me makes online ordering simple and super-speedy for all of Kingston upon Thames. Customers can place a Tesco order online and can have their groceries delivered within the hour. ShopNDrop.me has also partnered with restaurants, takeaways and coffee shops in and around Kingston upon Thames to offer this ultra-efficient home delivery service.

For customers, ShopNDrop.me is hugely convenient for saving time, effort and not having to brave the elements. A Kingston upon Thames-based ShopNDrop.me runner can deliver shopping directly to their address in less than an hour.  All for the price of a regular home delivery.

For runners, it’s a practical way of earning additional part-time money, picking up jobs on the fly while working around their schedules. They can join the ShopNDrop.me team by downloading a free, easy-to-use app from the Apple App Store. There’s no job interview, no sign up fee and no commitment… just orders all over Kingston upon Thames waiting to be picked up.

ShopNDrop.me: Last minute stuff delivered fast.