About us
ShopTemp is an independent electronics e-commerce business based in Hong-Kong, shipping to customers internationally.
Our knowledge, your needs

We value professionalism and accurate information. We try to provide the best customer experience, from the moment you first land on our website to the moment you make use of the product you purchased from us.

In practice, this translates to five main guidelines:

   * accurate product descriptions to make sure the customer gets the right information
   * accompanying the customer before and after the purchase
   * providing efficient and understanding customer service
   * delivering quality products anywhere in the world
   * maintaining our outstanding pricing policy

Feel free to contact us at any time from our support system to let us know what you think of our service.

ShopTemp and GBAtemp
ShopTemp and GBAtemp are affiliated in one and only one way: the advertising partnership that ties both sites together. We are now GBAtemp's one and only single trusted affiliate and are the only official shop partner of the GBAtemp Network.

The staff at GBAtemp have no direct involvement in ShopTemp whatsoever. 100% of the ShopTemp staff, offices, stock, and any other material is located in Hong-Kong.

Should you purchase one or more products from ShopTemp, it is your responsibility to ensure that the use of such products are authorized in your country of residence. ShopTemp will not accept to endorse responsibility for any illegal use of a product purchased from its online store.

Website Hosting
ShopTemp.com is currently hosted by iWeb Technologies, a hosting company based in Canada.