We are a team of healthcare business advisors that strive to create engaging and innovative programming to meet the needs of our clients.  We provide our clients with unparalleled services that are strategic solutions. We work in a transparent fashion with you so your ideas and values are communicated. Our intention is to enhance the knowledge healthcare professionals and patients. Our goal is to provide educational interactions that will raise the awareness  importance of disease state management for the benefit of patients. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your goals and objectives. We have worked in conjunction with renowned key opinion leaders in a multitude of therapeutic areas. Our commitment is to be there to provide you with the assets, tactics and tools that will enable you to weather the storm.

Start-Up Strategies
We have extensive experience working with companies that have new ideas and innovations. We have a seamless strategy that will create, grow and make your vision a reality. Let us assess the opportunity and advise you how best to bring your concept, product or service to the marketplace. Your ideas are important and we want to help you down the path of entrepreneuralism.

Life Cycle Marketing
No matter what stage your brand or product is in, we want to help you find new ways to promote and grow your reach.  We have found that new perspectives and new channels can enhance your market share.  By looking at other markets such as Latin and South America as well as Eastern Europe your brand can be re-invented!

Let our  team of PharmDs, PhDs, M.D.s, RN.s work with your team to communcate your science  If you need case studies, science summary or slides for a presentation we are here to help you to succinctly communicate the most salient pearls of your message.

Live & Virtual Events
In this age of the rapid dissemination of information and technology our program platforms enable us to educate and engage eager learners in formats that suit their needs.

If you are seeking a captivating "Live" event in an intimate setting we can provide venue, faculty and supporting materials.  If the event is a virtual program we can create an interactive elearning environment  for Healthcare professionals as well as patients. Our platforms include mobile, tablet and the web.

We specialize in Biotech, Health, Pharma, Technology & Wellness

Our Services Consulting~Education~Science~Strategy~Technology