FLStopForclosure.com Releases Report to Help Homeowners Stop Foreclosure in Orlando and Tampa FL

Today FlStopForeclosure.com, INC released a new report to help homeowners stop foreclosure in Orlando, FL

Orlando FL, February 13, 2010 -- Today FlStopForeclosure.com, INC. released a new report to help homeowners stop foreclosure in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, FL. The special report provides information to help homeowners understand that they have different options when trying to stop foreclosure, get Free Foreclosure information or how to sell a over financed house. They also provide informtion on how to do a SHORT SALE and what is needed. Discover the best ways to get out of this stressful situation with your bank for FREE. Tired of Banks calling to collect money? Your house is over priced and can't sell? Find out how to get your free report today to avoid Foreclosure in Florida.

The report, entitled, "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Orlando Florida area Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Make (and Discover How You Can Avoid Them & Stop Foreclosure FAST. also what is a short sale and what is needed)," provides information to better equip homeowners to stop foreclosure in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas. Additionally, the report reveals 5 mistake Orlando Florida homeowners behind on house loan payments often make during the foreclosure process. Like vacating there house and leaving it abandoned.

"The foreclosure crisis in America has reached epidemic proportions, and no one is safe anymore. Toxic loans, lack of buyers and falling housing prices have made everyone a potential victim to the devastation of losing their home to foreclosure," said Todd Barth, Owner and CEO, FlStopForeclosure.com.

Many central Florida and Orlando homeowners are going to see their mortgages reset in the upcoming year. On any given day in Orlando there are approximately 100 to 120 Notices of Default being filed with the County courthouse. These are record numbers and the services of FlstopForeclcosure.com, are clearly needed to help homeowners get foreclosure assistancein the Orlando and central Florida area.

"We believe our latest report may help homeowners save their home and their credit.  This report and the services we provide to help homeowners stop foreclosure in Orlando are both much needed in the Orlando and Tampa area," said Todd Barth, Owner and President, FlStopForeclosure.com

To get this free report simply call the company's 24 hour Foreclosure Prevention voice mail hotline by dialing 1-888-801-0002 toll-free or by visiting their website at: www.FlStopForeclosure.com

FlstopForeclosure.com specializes in helping clients who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or are facing foreclosure. The company has local representatives across Florida who can offer comprehensive solutions to foreclosure issues.

www.FlStopForeclosure.com can provide the following services to help a homeowner stop foreclosure:  short sale services, loan modifications, loss mitigation service, realtor referral services, refinance options and quick retail buyers.

http://FlstopForeclosure.com  is a family owned and operated company providing foreclosure prevention service. We are helping one homeowners at time to Avoid foreclosure.  www.FlStopForeclosure.com helps homeowners stop foreclosure fast so you can move on with your life and get a fresh start today.  Call 24/7 for a free confidential no risk consultation: 1-888-801-0002 or go to our website

Remember this is a Free service with no cost out of pocket to the homeowner and it;s confidential, whether you want us to try and help you keep it or sell it.  For your free consultation visit http://www.FlStopForeclosure.com and be as detailed as possible to receive your totally free, no-risk, no-obligation analysis of your situation.

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