ShowroomFinder is a website that connects people who are looking for a unique shopping experience with local antique, consignment, vintage and resale shops.

Founded in 2003, ShowroomFinder has grown to become the largest online directory of its kind, with more than 1,000 expanded store profiles. Every profile explains with words and photos what makes that store a unique shopping destination.

8 Things You Should Know About ShowroomFinder

1. ShowroomFinder is a free service to both shoppers and store owners. ShowroomFinder makes money by selling ad space to services such as Google AdWords. You’ll see these ads clearly labeled on the website.

2. ShowroomFinder only features stores that sell one-of-a-kind and/or consigned merchandise, and are open to the public. No chain stores, and no online-only stores.

3. Every business owner or manager receives a free member account, so that they may update their store information and add photos of their store.

4. Buyers can use ShowroomFinder to discover the best consignment bargains and antique treasures in their neighborhood, or in any city where they may be traveling.

5. ShowroomFinder does not offer services for online selling or auctions. If a buyer sees something they like at a store, they are encouraged to call and visit that store to purchase.

6. The metro and state listings for ShowroomFinder are frequently at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo searches when searching for those geographic plus antique, consignment, vintage and resale keywords.

7. There are no fees for ShowroomFinder members to maintain an online showroom featuring photos and descriptions of merchandise for sell in their store.

8. ShowroomFinder does not allow customer reviews, so there is no risk of a negative comment harming a store's image. Store owners are encouraged to present the best photos and descriptions to explain what makes their store a unique place to shop.