SHRED WITH US is a highly experienced; woman owned family company, not a franchise or a subsidiary of a larger company.

Secure information destruction is our only business and it shows in our professional approach. Just like nationally recognized security companies such as Brinks® and Loomis Fargo®, SHRED WITH US is a dedicated security company, licensed, insured and bonded to perform security work.

When it comes to your confidential data and product disposal, only the assurance of secure, total destruction is acceptable. The risk of your company business becoming your competitors or public business is too great to leave to chance. Regardless of the size of your needs we can provide secure, professional and economical service right before your eyes.

If you're currently destroying documents yourself or using another document destruction service, you're probably paying too much or being under-serviced. When you look closely you'll find SHRED WITH US is by far:

More Economical

SHRED WITH US vs other shredding companies.
Because we utilize only advanced high volume equipment. High volume equipment means the lowest possible cost for our customers, without sacrificing service or security.

SHRED WITH US vs in-house shredding.
If you currently operate a shredder in house, your internal cost is extremely high. Most office shredders cost between one to two dollars for each pound shredded which means SHRED WITH US can provide immediate savings - as much as $2.95 per pound!  

More Efficient
Our method eliminates capital outlay, employee time, office space, utilities, regluar professional maintenance and the waste. We can shred in two minutes what it would take in-house methods several days. 175 to 200 standard boxes can be reduced to confetti affordably in approximately one hour right before your eyes.

We can eliminate the inconvenience of shredding yourself.
SHRED WITH US is flexible enough to meet your company's needs. From small one-box jobs to huge file purges, we can provide your company with the right service at the right price.

Unlike our competitors we don't require you to sort through material. We shred everything - staples, binders, plastic, medicine bottles and thick reports are no problem for our shredders.

Media can be destroyed-just ask us how!
No volume is too large or too small. There is never a fee or transportation charge for recycling.

More Secure
Protection of information is guaranteed. High security method allows for no eyes to ever have to see or hands ever have to touch private information. No material ever has to leave your control until it is completely destroyed and certified by legal affidavit.

Video monitored destruction by bonded, licensed, uniformed,
insured security personnel, while you observe the process.

Our on-site shredding system  turns your confidential documents into unreadable confetti within minutes

Types Of Services And Benefits

     Scheduled…on a regular prearranged basis (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly)

     Clean outs…predetermined one time basis, periodic purges, year end file turn overs and facility moves

     Secured Recycling program…refuse is recycled after destruction

     Qualified staff will tailor a program for your needs, and provide training and education

We offer a variety of free locked security containers for storage and collection at your facility. This ensures confidentiality of your data between shredding.