Shroffs Enterprise was established to engage primarily in the Marketing and Sale of Electronic Insect Killers under our own home brand, LOYAL. We are a spin-off of Shroffs Loyal Lighting (S) Pte Ltd, which trades in LED Lightings.

All LOYAL Products are marketed by LOYAL LLP
Company Business Number : T13LL1178K

We aspire through our range of Insect related products to protect you from potential disease carriers like mosquitoes. The product utilises UV-A light which is both safe and effective in attracting flying insects, which are then zapped off immediately. There are no toxic chemicals involved and the product is environmentally safe. Moreover, it works silently on low energy levels, making it an economical way of eliminating flying insects. Our product is suitable for use in homes, offices, shops, etc. We envision being the number one selling brand in Singapore, Asia and The Middle East in due course.

Why LOYAL Insect Killers?

1) Our factory specializes in manufacturing a variety of Mosquito killers for domestic and Industrial applications.
2) The UV-A tubes come from an OEM factory who also supplies to Philips and Sylvania, just to name a few.
3) The factory has attained an ISO 9001 certificate and the products have CB Test certificates which are recognized by SPRING, Singapore.
4) Via our brand name "LOYAL", we strive to Create Value through Customer Satisfaction, as per our Tagline.