The Brave New World Global Entertainment Company, or BNW Global, is a full service boutique Entertainment firm. An innovative “Throw-Back” organization built on Classic American Music and Film industry standards. Inspired by the likes of: Motown, Blue Note and Def Jam, This High Quality, Consumer First corporate attitude is comprised of a multi-division structure that features: PR, Marketing, Record Label, Promotions, Productions and Community services. These departments are directed by a collection of Industry professionals whose combined years of experience span over 100 years.

The Brave New World Record Label distributes its catalogue via InGrooves/Fontana/Universal.


“BRAVE NEW WORLD” as a concept was inspired by a peculiar notion. A desire to create entertainment experiences that stretch the norm and shatter what’s common. BRAVE NEW WORLD as a brand name resonated with the spirit of that desire and has become more than a name but also serves as the overall intention of this unique Entertainment Company. BE BRAVE is the motto, and this group of progressive industry leaders, are poised to strategically compete for the attention of music and film enthusiasts worldwide.