We provide the discipline and structure to enable you to achieve your goals.  Our comprehensive system merges planning with investment management to drastically improve your odds of success.  We take the emotion out of investing and replace it with rational decision making.  These are your goals; we are just helping you to define and implement them.  In our dictionary wealth management is broadly defined.  Accordingly, we look at all aspects of your financial health when assessing your strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations.  We routinely work with other professionals such as Estate Attorneys and CPA’s to ensure that your financial wishes are met.  
We begin our client relationships with questions to discover your concerns and goals.  Although many people have similar objectives (such as funding retirement or college education) your individual circumstances are unique and so is your financial history that brings you to us.  We do our best to fully understand you and your family to find out how we can best help you financially.  In most cases our relationship progresses to a comprehensive plan that looks at all aspects of your financial life from cash flow and savings, to net worth, risk assessment, and asset allocation.  Think of this as a really thorough physical for your financial health.  

Upon completion we will give you a comprehensive written assessment of your financial strengths and weaknesses as well as our recommendations for specific actions to achieve your goals.  If you would like our help in the implementation phase and it’s appropriate, we can then manage your investments for you.
And now for the really different part. Because we have done the planning and are intimately knowledgeable about your financial circumstances, we are uniquely prepared to manage your portfolios for you. Just as you are a distinct individual, so too are your portfolios. Each client's holdings is singularly crafted based on their plan, their risk tolerances, their goals and special needs. When we do our job we are literally stepping into your shoes and acting as a fiduciary for your benefit. As your needs change (with age or change in financial circumstances) so too will your portfolio. We will adjust your investments to meet your changing needs and we will continue to work on your behalf whether you are on vacation, ill, or out of the country on business.

Very few firms do what we do– marry comprehensive financial planning with proactive portfolio management. We believe that this is a powerful combination and one that best serves clients.

Other Important Differences

We are fee-only. We receive no commissions nor have hidden sales agendas.
Most of our accounts are balanced—a client appropriate mix of equities and fixed income.
We invest in traditional asset classes: stocks, bonds, no-load mutual funds, and ETF's.
To keep our level of service high we only work for a small number of families.
We are fiduciaries– the highest ethical standard there is.