n 1989 under the name Donkamin Construction Ltd Partnership, Khun Tawanthada Poonnim and Associates established an organization to provide a basic engineering and construction services.  Later this activates extended to larger turnkey industrial facilities to include Biomass power plants. Four years later these expanded activities were combined with the original contraction service under the corporate umbrella of Siam Scandinavian Construction and Business.

Today Siam Scandinavian Construction & Business undertakes a comprehensive range of engineering and construction tasks to include:Boiler design, Boiler construciton and steel fabrication works for Biomass power plants, boilers and pressure vessels. Currently Thailand is trying to reduce dependance on oil and reduce greenhouse gasses. Bio-fuel and biomass are an excellent choice.
Additionally, Siam Scandinavian Construction and Business has experience in Commercial utilities and provincial Government building works. We also Co-operate regularly with long-standing joint project partners where specialty works and capabilities are required for application. Whenever you need design, manufacture or installation, SSCB is ready to undertake your project timely and successful conclusion.