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1. Multi-level CSV (csv_ml)

GitHub Homepage: https://github.com/siara-cc/csv_ml

csv_ml attempts to provide a simple unambiguous format for representing structured data that includes schema definition.

csv_ml is expected to:
* save storage space (about 50% compared to JSON and 60-70% compared to XML)
* increase data transfer speeds
* be faster to parse compared to XML and JSON
* allow full schema definition and validation
* make schema definition simple, lightweight and in-line compared to DTD or XML Schema
* allow database binding
* be used in EAI (Application Integration) for import and export of data
* be simpler to parse, allowing data to be available even in low memory devices

* Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
* Lightweight alternative to JSON or XML in Three-tier architecture
* Alternative to XML in transfer of data using AJAX
* Data storage and transfer format for embedded platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry PI.
* Data storage and transfer format for mobile/tablet devices based on Android, Windows or iOS.
* Data transfer format for spreadsheets as Tab delimited values through clipboard or otherwise.

For complete documentation and examples, download http://siara.cc/csv_ml/csvdoc.pdf

The examples given in the documentation are available as demo applications:
*  For Java Swing demo application (executable jar), download http://siara.cc/csv_ml/csv_ml_swing_demo-1.0.0.jar
* For Android demo application, download http://siara.cc/csv_ml/csv_ml_android_demo-1.0.0.apk
* For online Javascript demo application, click http://siara.cc/csv_ml/csv_ml_js.html
* For online Java Applet demo application click http://siara.cc/csv_ml/csv_ml_applet_demo.html

For running Javascript and Java Applet demos, you may have to change security settings in your browser.

The given demos convert between CSV, TDV. XML and JSON (CSV to XML DOM, CSV to JSON, TDV to XML DOM, TDV to JSON, XML to CSV). It is basically a CSV TDV TSV to JSON XML Convertor. It also demonstrates how database binding can be achieved using SQLite db.

2. CSV Parser

This is a simple CSV parser, but in addition to complying to RFC4180, it has additional features as listed below:

* Support InputStream and Reader
* Restrict size of data column to avoid buffer overruns
* Support inline comments
* Keep track of line number for error reporting

GitHub Homepage: https://github.com/siara-cc/csv_parser