SIDCO stands for Sustainable Innovative Design & Construction. That has been our mission from day one. We want to have a positive impact on the environment by building homes that produce no CO2. Zero Emission Homes

We use renewable energy sources. Passive homes use solar energy design to capture heat in the natural environment by using windows on the south side of the house. Our homes use mechanical ventilation systems for recovering the heat. We do not use any furnaces in the house to heat up the home. Our homes are built with thick walls that are completely sealed and insulted. Our water is heated with power produced by solar panels. If all homes are built like this (with solar panels and electric cars powered from the solar panels) we will help produce more energy than we consume in these homes.

During construction we practice sustainability. We recycle all the waste material and do proper deconstruction of the house to salvage valuable resources.  We are currently using consultants for the design and execution of the construction project. One of the challenges we face is to securing funding for such projects. There is a lot of talk but I have not come across any financial institutions that fund Green Building projects that have a major impact on the environment.

I attended the COP21 conference in Paris and know that funds have been committed to reduce global warming but have not been able to access them for these visionary projects. I meet with the Secretary of Energy, Mr. Ernest Moniz, and saw a 3D printed car at the show. I am looking for resources to build the energy efficient homes using 3D Printing technology to solve the housing shortage in the US and the third world countries.

SIDCO has a strong social mission to build homes that make a positive impact on the environment. We are currently pursuing B-Corp certification to keep our social mission central to our company. As builders we spend more time in the design phase and use alternative building techniques that provide cleaner, healthier an more comfortable living conditions. We have come up with solutions that are more cost effective and produce better results. Our homes are certified and have to perform to Passive Home design standards. To have a positive impact in the world homes need to be built to these standards. We are builders that are building ahead of our time.

In today’s market there is what we call the Prius Effect, people are willing to pay more for energy efficient products. As with Tesla, there is high demand because its the right thing to do for the future of humanity. Electric vehicles do not depend on fossil fuels, and our homes should not depend on them either.
The market is ready for energy efficient homes. We need more skilled workers to build these homes. Our goal is to make passive homes at affordable prices. We want to expand into building tiny passive home, which will be cost effective and fill the need for affordable housing.

People are ready to incorporate green technology into their homes. The demand for energy efficient homes is there, but it requires trained and skilled people to build these homes. The market for renovating existing homes is huge. The cost saving is not only monetary gain, but also reduced health risks from the poor air quality in old homes. Older homes used poor construction methods because contractors cut cost to save money during construction.
Studies done by utility companies and the Department of Energy show that we can save up to 50% of our energy by just upgrading to double pane windows, adding more insulation and air sealing homes. Adding newer energy efficient appliances saves even more energy. There are millions of homes that need such improvements. Once we change our code so that every new construction must be built to the highest energy efficient standards we will save more energy. We CAN reduce our dependency on fossil fuel from other countries.

SIDCO has been in the news for building and selling an energy efficient home with a prepaid lease on a Tesla. We promote every house we build with a electric car in the garage. We need to show by the use of media and public awareness that we must do our part to save the earth and conserve energy.

The reaction has been very positive. Please see the video on http://www.sidcohomes.com/. People have told me to not spend extra time and money to make homes more efficient if I can sell them for more by just white washing them as green homes. That is not my goal. I come from India where I have seen too much pollution in New Delhi where people cannot breathe clean air.