Sidesip is the safest travel drink container.  Stop distracted driving and distracted living with Sidesip.

A member of our family was recently involved in an accident due to distracted driving.  With traditional travel coffee cups you need to tilt your head back as you drink your beverage. The more you drink the further back your head needs to go to finish your drink and the less you can see.

When you are over 50% done with your drink your vision is totally blocked. If you are traveling at 60 MPH then you will travel half the length of a football field in the 2 seconds you are taking your eyes off of the road to take your sip. People will continue to drink coffee in the car. We developed Sidesip so that people could drink with the same drinking motion but with almost complete forward visibility.

The Sidesip Kickstarter campaign launches on October 17.  Early adopters will save 25% on the estimated retail cost of Sidesip.