Getting married soon? Do you get queasy at the very thought of having a ceremony that’s so off-the-shelf common you could simply change the names of the participants and you’d be ready to go? If the mere possibility of this cookie-cutter approach being taken to your wedding—i.e. one that blurs into an easily forgotten “Dearly Beloved…” haze—gives you hives, you’re the right person to go the Nonconformist Nuptials route.

Option 1:
Secular and/or spiritual wedding ceremonies are written to order for you and your beloved, telling your personal love story—as unique as you are—making for a memorable event for everyone present.

Option 2:
Introducing the Pinky Swear-emony®: The perfect ceremony for those who would rather avoid the legal entanglements of marriage while still wanting to share all things in a deeply committed relationship.

This is a great option for those who have been married in the past and want something different. Many cities allow you to register as Domestic Partners, which secures your rights as each other’s advocate in case of health emergency and/or major decisions for one another but doesn’t require the involvement of lawyers should you ever choose to part company.