Founded in 2010, Sierraware's virtualization solutions offer OEMs a high-performance, compact and portable hypervisor designed expressly for embedded processors.

Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions for embedded platforms. Sierraware products enable hardware manufacturers to effectively address rapidly growing market segments such as microservers for cloud computing, smart mobile phones, set-top boxes, and headless residential gateways. Sierraware offers a ready-to-use hypervisor and security and networking applications that support a wide range of ARMĀ® architectures and SOCs.

In addition, Sierraware sponsors and maintains the Open Virtualization open source project for ARM TrustZoneĀ®. Open Virtualization is the first open source implementation of ARM TrustZone API. The Open TrustZone software and Open Secure Boot together help OEMs leverage the TrustZone API and add a secure, lightweight kernel to mobile and networking devices.

Sierraware is committed to meeting the requirements of its enterprise and equipment vendor customers by delivering best-of-breed application layer security software products today and in the future.