siffron is the starting point for exceptional retail. We specialize in the visual presentation of merchandise, a critical component in how shoppers evaluate and make purchasing decisions.

Retailers and brand manufacturers look to siffron to create and supply solutions to current retail challenges – from increasing merchandising space, product turns, and brand recognition to reducing theft, spoilage, and labor costs.

Offering over 6,000 stock display and merchandising solutions including products for loss prevention, product facing, lighting and fresh area merchandising, as well as a wide variety of retail essentials, we are the ultimate source for retail solutions.

siffron’s goal is to identify and implement the perfect solution to help you increase sales and profit margins. Our global footprint, coupled with local partner response times, allows us to work as a seamless extension of your operations.

Our expertise and experience provide the flexibility you need to adapt to your changing environment. The retail industry continues to evolve and siffron remains a trusted partner to top brands and retailers around the globe for their retail display solutions.