Sigmer Technologies was formed in 1999 and is based at the Sussex Innovation Centre,
on the University of Sussex Campus in Brighton. We are experts in survey design,
survey development and management of response data. During the survey design stage we use demographic profiling of invitees, and a thorough assessment of usability and accessibility needs, in order to ensure that the survey is as inclusive as possible for each cohort.  See our range of survey case-studies at

Sigmer provide the Survey Suite range of products and apply these to many different
survey projects including:
Staff surveys - http://www.surveysuite.co.uk/staff_surveys
Marketing surveys -  http://www.surveysuite.co.uk/marketing_surveys
Customer surveys - http://www.surveysuite.co.uk/customer_surveys
General and Research Surveys - http://www.surveysuite.co.uk/general_surveys

Sigmer provide secure hosting of on-line surveys from their secure datacentre based in
London. More details of our technologies can be found at

staff surveys
attitude surveys

paper questionnaires
employee surveys