Signal Corporation International produces and distributes 4 products, 3 of which are patent pending.
Signal Gloves are lighted traffic control gloves containing high intensity LED's that change color and pattern based only on the users hand position. Hand held vertically - lights turn red in X pattern, hand held horizontally - produces green chasing arrows, hand held down - all lights turn off. Used to make traffic control safer by clarifying instruction to drivers and allowing the traffic controller to be seen much earlier. 4 operation modes - Signal Mode, Strobe Mode, Arrow Mode, Flashlight Mode. Various LED color options.
Signal Wands - same as Signal Gloves but in a wand format.
Signal Safe - same as Signal Gloves but in a strap on variation.
Signal Flares - The first directional LED road flare featuring a bendable, breakaway post with magnetic connection to metal base. 3 modes with various color options.
All products charge via USB cable and come with wall and car chargers. 20 minute charge provides 8 hours of continuous use.
Products are approved and used worldwide. All products made in the USA
For more information and videos of the products, visit www.signalgloves.com