Nothing accents your personal style like a custom embroidered towel. That's why we at SignatureTowels.com work hard to bring you the highest in quality while saving you money and hassle. SignatureTowels.com is an online company that sells personalized high quality embroidered towels and gift packages. Each personalized item is carefully selected and embroidered with our state-of-the-art embroidery machinery. We take pride in our passion for beautiful embroidery. Hopefully, so will you.

    Daphne Kupfer and Alan Domb are two Canadian entrepreneurs, who realized that while the market for embroidered products flourished, there was a void in the world of custom embroidery. Their idea was to make an all inclusive gift experience.

    In 2002, SignatureTowels.com opened it's website, and in the ensuing ten years, SignatureTowels.com has become a trusted household name across North America and beyond.

    In 2012, David Kanner took position as President of SignatureTowels.com. With his vast business acumen, he redesigned many of the business's functions including online marketing and business management.

    SignatureTowels.com is based in Toronto, Canada and services all of Canada and the United States. We take great pride in our products. We only use the best quality stock to be found on the market, and all our products are proudly manufactured in Canada.