Silanna designs and manufactures microelectronic devices both CMOS and compound semiconductor process technologies.

Our design team is working on a range of novel products that take advantage of an advanced, time-proven, Silicon-on-Sapphire (SoS) process technology. This platform enables us to create high performance mixed signal and analog devices such as high speed isolators, wide band receivers, low noise amplifiers, and a myriad other products.

Silicon-on-Sapphire (SoS) technology creates CMOS integrated circuits in a thin layer of silicon sitting on an insulating sapphire substrate.  Among other things it makes it an excellent RF CMOS process.

Silanna uses patented SoS processing techniques that produce very high quality and high yielding wafers.

Because sapphire is a highly insulating substrate there is almost no parasitic capacitance.

This provides a wide range of benefits in designs targeting RF, mixed signal/analog and radiation hard applications.

SoS advantages:

• Ability to integrate RF CMOS, High Q passives, mixed signal, digital, memory and EEPROM on a single die.
• Very high linearity transistors (+38 dBm IP3 mixers).
• High Q integrated inductors (QL > 40 at 2 GHz for 5 nH inductor).
• High isolation (>50 dB between adjacent devices).
• High performance RF CMOS: fmax typically 3X ft (60 GHz at 0.5 µm; and 100 GHz at 0.25 µm).
• Multiple threshold options without additional cost.
• An extremely low-loss substrate at RF frequencies.
• Excellent ESD protection with low parasitics.
• Enables new design options compared to GaAs due to availability of good PMOS transistors.

Silanna operates a wafer fabrication plant located in Sydney, Australia, that produces SoS devices on 150 mm (6 inch) wafers in Class 1 clean-rooms.

A state-of-the-art technology R&D centre is also incorporated into the Sydney facility.  This houses the latest equipment for producing high purity, high uniformity compound semiconductors.  A fully equipped analytical lab that includes a range of materials characterisation tools supports the research activities.

Silanna provides full foundry services and fast and affordable prototyping to customers who wish to design SoS components, offering wafer fab and outsourced test, package and assembly services. Silanna pursues partnerships with companies to co-develop IC designs on SoS for new applications and Silanna's experienced design team, armed with both AWR and Cadence PDKs, is available to collaborate under a range of commercial terms.

Besides the facilities in Sydney, Silanna also has offices in Brisbane, San Diego and London supporting various business development activities and a network of sales representatives.