Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is introducing silicone power battery for UPS. The power battery is recognized as "green star" product in China battery industry by the state environmental bureau. This is one of the green initiatives of creating eco-friendly power batteries by the company.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery is like any other standby power system with the added and approved life and performance capacity. The UPS battery provides emergency power and line regulation for connected equipment by supplying power, which comes from a separate source, when main power is not available.

This premier professional manufacturer of Battery system in China has introduced wide range of UPS systems and backup battery and standby batteries for single machine to large data centers. These UPS systems are eco-friendly and are available on delivery all over the world. The feature of complying to the environmental standards makes this product line as a sought after and best option for installing power system back up for the computer systems and power systems.

The Attractive Features of This Battery for UPS:

•     Easy installation
•     High power density (watts/cell), with improved performance
•     Energy saving with small internal resistance, the UPS battery generates no heat when charging and discharging.
•     No acid mist or erosion of the system
•     Due to its small self-discharge, the energy retention quantity of this UPS battery, after 2 years without use, can be over 80% of the fully charged amount.
•     This UPS battery has longer working life and has as many as 700 times of charge-discharge ability
•     Able to work normally at the temperature from -40℃ to 70℃, this battery for UPS can be used in various conditions and weathers
•     Can get charged soon and takes less time.
•     Free from maintenance.

And more

This introduction of product is tend to benefit the UPS retailers and users around the world. With many attractive features and being an eco-friendly it does not create hazardous risks.

About the Company

Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co., Ltd is a battery for UPS manufacturer in China, has integrated technical research and development, production, and marketing service into one. Yuqi mainly offers silicone battery, backup power battery and starting power battery. Recognized as "green star" products by Chinese state environmental protection bureau, the batteries are in great demand all over the world, such as Japan, Korea, and Germany, etc

Contact Details-

Company: Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 11 Floor, No. 726, West Yanan Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-62121173
Email: info@silicon-battery.com
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