SiliSonic transforms your skin into a brighter, clearer and
more radiant complexion in just minutes a day.


SiliSonic is the next generation facial cleanser and massager
with interchangeable silicone heads that is battery operated and easy to use.

Small and compact - Easily fits in your purse, gym bag, cosmetic case  
Uses only one AA battery - No need for bulky recharging equipment
One touch power button - Takes all the guess work out of it. Press once for on, press once for off
Ergonomic - Designed to feel natural and comfortable in the hand
Cleansing brush and massager in one device
Easy to use - with interchangeable heads you decide which treatment you want or choose both
Beneficial for all skin types - Whether you have oily, normal, combination, dry, sensitive or aging skin, you can achieve  a radiant complexion
Safe to use daily - Since silicone is uniquely soft and pliable, it is not too abrasive to use every day
Different colors to choose from - Pink, Green and Blue

Created by an Aesthetician, the importance of having a great regimen for the care of the skin is crucial. It all starts with a good cleanse to remove impurities, dirt, oil and makeup. Cleansing also preps the skin to receive treatment serums, moisturizer's, mask's and etc. Also, massaging the skin on a daily basis is very important for all skin types to increase blood flow and remove lymphatic toxins. Doing a daily massage and deep cleanse makes your skin more even, minimizes the appearance of large pores and gives you a healthy glow.

Silicone is a unique material because it does not harbor bacteria, it is not too abrasive so it is safe to use on the skin on a daily basis and it just plain feels good! ‚Äč