SilverHook Studios is an Atlanta, Georgia based film production agency with over 20 years of production experience in the creation and marketing of video and film based projects.

We have worked with several major networks and have received several awards for our film work selected at Film Festivals.

Our focus is on more than just the traditional production experience. We not only help you create a phenomenal visual, we help you market it as well. It is the intention of each project to have a specific strategy in place when complete to connect with your audience. This is done through campaigns, ads, funnels, etc.

We help you figure out the best way to effectively blend your message with your video concept so your brand looks and stays cohesive.

As a creative team we are minority owned and service the commercial and government markets, corporate, and television & motion picture industries. Our projects are done from concept to completion including writing, filming, editing, sound, and finishing.

In addition to production and marketing work, we offer Production Training & Development services to help businesses and agencies create their own in-house production teams, helping them be effective and efficient. This is great for businesses with high volumes of video projects on a daily or weekly basis.