Silver Lining Villages’ mission is to serve displaced and overwhelmed veterans and active service military and their families, to provide them with alternative means for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, homelessness and joblessness. It is upon these premises that our life skills academy is built.

What makes us unique is our use of alternative methods to address stress, pain, emotional unrest, hypervigilance, military sexual abuse and resulting trauma and other issues that accompany reintegration for some servicemen and women, after military service.  Our alternative practitioners and nurse educator can utilize these non-invasive, drug free services to  work with our veterans or active duty population.  We conduct on-site, remote and online groups sessions, some free to veterans and some at low cost to veterans and organizations serving veterans.

We conduct small retreats for individual veterans/active duty military and veterans with families at a beautiful house with a backyard of Lake Sinclair, about an hour and a half from Atlanta, GA.  We can accomodate 9 to 11 single veterans , or two to three small families at the moment.  We can also utilize one of several other retreats in the Georgia or Carolinas areas, and have contact with facilities that house up to 150 people.  We bring in other practitioners for our workshops or to develop a wonderful retreat to fit your organization's needs in  addressing the issues of stress, PTS (PTSD) , MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and other emotional stresses, holistically and naturally.

War is not pretty, any way you slice it.  And those dedicated women and men brave enough to put themselves in harm's way for our country have earned the right to the best chance possible to return to as much of a normal life as they can attain.  That can be difficult for some because of the experiences they have endured while in service.   However  there are methods other than drugs and hospitalization that can help bring stasis to the emotional and mental challenges of some brave souls.   Our job at Silver Lining Villages is to provide the self-help skills to help restore peace of mind, and the abilities to reintegrate into society with grace and hope.  We take this charge seriously.