Silverstreet is a specialist in Mobile Messaging (SMS) offering global MT termination options (covering more than 800 networks). We are specialized in mission critical traffic, and high volumes (wholesale) clients.

Our footprint is global and through that reach we are able to offer operator grade HLR queries as well as a variety of longcode type products in addition to our core MT SMS portfolio.

Silverstreet is a full MEF member (Mobile Entertainment Forum), and an Associate Member of the GSM Association, and has teams spanning 10 countries and 3 continents servicing clients in over 100 countries around the world ranging from the A2P aggregator sector, banking, government and corporate entities. To properly service this client base the company further maintains a 24/7/365 Support Team via IM, Phone and Email.

Silverstreet is a privately funded company independent of outside investment and financing it’s own expansion.

Silverstreet holds interest in various other tele and .com companies. For more details see our Group Companies sections. Our targeted consolidated group revenue for 2011 exceeds EUR 100 million a year.