There is currently, not a-lot you can do to legitimize that you are being slandered online. A person has to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a post, comment or blog is untrue then find the person(s) personal information to serve them a “notice to cease and desist”. This can be difficult for novices and mediocre users within online communities.

The 1st Amendment further complicates the issue at hand with the right to free speech and being that this applies to anyone it has left a loophole for people to put in their two cents and moreover for some of those people to make their negative and untrue falsities as well can be extremely damaging when comments become public and are posted online.

Attorneys that are very experienced can even be blind-sighted by the technical aspects that control cases where people have assembled their negative and albeit untrue statements for the world to see and make un-educated judgments knowing only limited information. The destruction that results from online defamation of character can be sizeable, devastating and long-lasting to say the least.

A typical example of this devastation can be seen in the instance of a successful inventor named Simon Wilby.

Simon Wilby and his team have created an application called “The Smart SEO”, changing everything currently known in the realm of SEO and online reputation management. The Smart SEO is an application likened to no other. Giving users the ability to retract negative information containing their keyword(s) before it has a chance to negatively impact them online. Imagine you are working at your PC and suddenly your phone alerts you with a “beep”. That alert was “The Smart SEO” showing you a negative post someone has attempted to post and now The Smart SEO is allowing you to select delete or allow it to continue posting to the web. The best defense has always been a better offense stated I am Simon Wilby.

This new approach to SEO and online reputation management is going to change everything. People, Companies and small mom and pop businesses will finally have that extra layer of protection for their businesses from the ready fire aim syndrome that has plagued the web today.

We have seen enough of the destruction of good people’s businesses and their online reputations happen in the past to know that something must be done right now to protect the future. When asked what was the reason behind this invention. The CEO and inventor Simon replied “I just got tired of seeing good people get hurt, so I decided to act and do something that would put an end to it for good.”