Simon has a wealth of experience in working with creative people to help them develop, launch and promote their ideas. His background includes theatre production, sales, marketing and business development along with having written two theatre scripts. The first of these, Cinderella has been performed and will soon be the most viewed script at Production Scripts where it is available to purchase. The second, Ali the Barber and the Forty Thieves is in the top forty and will soon be joining Cinderella at the top. Simon's profile at Production Scripts is the most viewed. These figures have been achieved against strong competition and in a fairly short time.

So what can Simon do for you?

If you are trying to break into the creative industries in any way, then Simon can support you in the following ways, to name a few:
1. Turning ideas into marketable products.
2. Protecting creative output.
3. Marketing and promoting creative output.
4. Maximising income from creative output.

Writers, artists, musicians, photographers, designers etc. All welcome.

If you really want to be rewarded for your creativity, then contact Simon to discuss what he can do for you.