Fourth Session of IF- Master program to commence on 3rd April in Montenegro
The International Implant Foundation has announced that 4th session of its Master’s program (2018-2019)is all set to begin on 3rd April 2019. The program is scheduled to be held from 03rd April to 06th April 2019 in Budva, Montenegro, Europe. The 4th session, which is also the final session, of the program is going to witness sessions by eminent dentists and implantologists from across the world. Three sessions have been already successfully completed and the participants are eagerly waiting for the fourth one.

Little Background
The first session was held from 25th-27thSeptember2018 inDelhi. In this session, participants got a first-hand knowledge about Full Mouth Surgery. Dr Stefan Ihde, who is considered as the father of Modern Basal Implantology, demonstrated the process of surgery.
The second session was held from 17th- 21stNovember 2018 at Daswani Dental College at Kota, Rajasthan. This session provided Hands on patient one Jaw (mandible/maxilla) by each participant. The Participants, after done with the session, felt that the session was really helpful.
The Third session was held from 28th- 31st January 2019 at Lucknow. The International Implant Foundation in association with Department of Dental Implantology, KGMC, Lucknow with honourable Prof U.S. Pal and honourable Dr.Lakshya. This session was a surgical session, which provided Hands on patient one Jaw (Mandible/maxilla) by each participant.
The fourth session, which is named as Global Meet, is going to be held in April, 2019. A lot of distinguished dentists, international implantologists, and Clinical masters from across the world are delivering their lectures in a wide range of subjects. In the same session, the participants are expected to go through the examination. Based on the participants’ performance, they would be awarded a Master’s Degree by the International Implant Foundation.

The whole course has been covering a wide range of topics that include Physiology and function of bone, Anatomy of the distal maxilla and mandible, Prosthetic Concept, and so on.

This program attracted lots of implantologists and dentists to participate in it as it is guided by clinical masters and reputed implantologists from across the world. Dr Stefan Ihde, who is an IF teacher for the immediate loading, Dr Antonina Ihde, who is also an IF teacher for the Immediate Loading and many eminent people from dental science fraternity are going to share their knowledge on the respective subjects they are allotted to speak. The course fee has been fixed as 8000 Euros excluding the accommodation charges.

For years, this program has been a huge hit, which can be attributed to the organizers and the lecturers. The International Implant Foundation hopes that the program would continue to run successfully in the years to come. For more details about the course click here.
Besides Master’s Program, International Implant Foundation in association with the Simpladent group organizes three-day training courses, where implantologists can learn and get hands-on experience on Immediate loading of Strategic Implant®, which is a revolutionary product from Simpladent group. For more details about the three-day course click here.