Simple Finance was founded in 2013 by five enterprising leaders who were looking for a way to kickstart technology in the aging leasing industry. Today, Simple leads the competition in both technical prowess and customer service. Like its namesake, Simple focuses on simplicity by making the data-intensive and highly technical underwriting process a breeze for both retailers and customers alike.

While technology runs the back office, what truly makes Simple different is its corporate culture. A focus on customer service for both retailers and customers is at the core of the business. The company's mascot is a dalmatian named Sparky, and he reminds everyone both internally and externally the importance of relationships, loyalty, and service.

Over the course of the last year thousands of retailers across the United States have joined in partnership with Simple Finance because they uphold the same ideals and are looking for an easier way to grow their business and serve their customers. This growth trajectory will continue for years to come. So, join us in transforming a complex financial industry into one that is Simple for everyone.