Simple Story Videos was founded over 4 years ago with a clear vision. We exist to help clients simplify ideas, bond these ideas to emotions through storytelling and deliver it to the intended audience in the form of video. Since our introduction to the market, we have been recognized as leaders in creating engaging videos that are memorable, resonant and actionable.

Our success and continued growth is a direct result of our people and their passion for their individual craft and the organization. We have carefully amassed an amazing group of talented animators, illustrators and creative experts that share in our quest to improve the online space through simplicity. It’s no surprise that we deliver amazing videos that achieve their intended business results.

However, often passion is not enough. So, we took the initiative to build an efficient production process that involves clear and open channels for communication while leveraging the most effective hardware and collaborative tools for the best customer experience. This ensures consistency of deliverables and quality results that rival the biggest brands in the industry... but at a lower cost.

Why a lower cost? Because we believe in our work and in offering great value for your marketing investment. We believed our business would thrive through reputation and repeat business, and it’s working. We’ve told over 300 unique stories for a variety of clients from start ups like Shopify and Nutanix to Fortune 500 organizations like Wal-Mart, Citrix and Pitney Bowes.

At Simple Story Videos, we believe everyone has a story to tell through video, and we want to help you create it. We hope to win your business and look forward to crafting your Simple Story Video.