Simplicity Sofas is a High Point, NC manufacturer selling unique patented sofas, sleepers and chairs direct to consumers via its web site. Unlike conventional knock-down and ready-to-assemble sofa manufacturers, Simplicity Sofas makes a premium quality product using only 100%  kiln-dried solid oak frames. No plywood, particle board or chip core is used in any of  Simplicity Sofas products. All frames have lifetime warranties.

Each Simplicity Sofa is carefully hand-built, one piece at a time, by individual skilled craftspeople. This is not mass-produced furniture. Custom options include a choice of 100 fabrics, 3 cushion firmnesses, tailored slipcovers, and Collections with a choice of 6 different size units: full-size sofas, mid-size sofas, apartment-size sofas, love seats, chair and a halfs, and chairs.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture assembles in about 15 minutes with no tools needed.  In January, 2010, Mr. John Barber of San Marcus, TX became the oldest customer to assemble a sofa by himself. at the age of 87. Mr. Barber stated that he hadn't timed his assembly, but "it wasn't very long."  The all-time speed record for assembling a full-size sofa by a single person is held by Adam Frank, age 13, who assembled a sofa for the first time in 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Simplicity Sofas ships its furniture throughout the US and Canada by UPS Freight Service. The time period from when an order is first placed until delivery is typically 4 weeks.

The Simplicity Sofas Warranty policy is simple -- If you do not like your furniture for any reason, return it to the factory for a full refund including shipping charges.

Simplicity Sofas fills a significant void in the furniture market place. Many older homes and apartments have narrow doors or stairways that are too small to permit normal size furniture to enter. Previously these consumers were forced to turn to low cost solutions such as futons or IKEA-type knock-down sofas. Quality was poor and assembly was typically a 2 hr ordeal. Simplicity Sofas introduced new options into the marketplace for consumers who want better quality goods and a broad selection of fabrics, styles and options.

In addition, because Simplicity Sofas sells direct to consumers, and does not have a retail markup, its prices are only slightly more expensive than its low quality competition.

Another void in the furniture market place addressed by Simplicity Sofas is smaller sofa sizes. Large manufacturers have been very slow to address this need. Some high end companies have introduced smaller styles, but high volume mid-priced firms have been unable to adjust. Simplicity Sofas offers 3 different sofa sizes in each of its collections, including hard-to-find small sizes. It is able to offer custom built small-size sofas at prices well below most of its competition.