Founded with the mission to deliver an ideal life to ensure the best possible medical care by allowing physicians and their staff to focus on the things they are great at and love to do.

We can implement a program that is catered to each practice and will allow providers to spend more time focusing on the thing they are great at and love to do, taking care of you, the patient. The leadership team at Simplified Medical Management has hundreds of years of combined experience in the areas of leadership, practice management, information technology, compliance, credentialing, and revenue cycle management.

Practice Management: We can help you with internal operations all the way to staffing needs and payroll. We offer an all-inclusive package or we can cater to your specific needs and budget.

Information Technology: Our IT team has achievements in certifications and specializations from Microsoft and VMware including Active Directory, Windows, SQL Server, Exchange Messaging, Cloud Platforms, Server and Desktop Virtualization.  In addition, certifications in ITIL for Service Management and Project management.  Our team has in-depth experience in HL7 messaging using the Corepoint Interface Engine for developing and managing HL7 interfaces. We can help you with the hardware and software necessary to keep your healthcare facility running.  This includes general IT tasks like providing desktop and software support, staffing the IT help desk, and troubleshooting. We also help support information management systems that house your EHR.

Compliance: Your staff should be able to apply complex laws and regulations to their daily work. We can help address specific rules, laws, codes, and policies surrounding your specialty and make sure your team is trained to handle whatever is thrown at them. We handle anything from staff training to internal/external audits.

Credentialing: We provide credentialing for all types of healthcare organizations including hospitals, surgical centers, and medical practices. We work with insurance companies to complete the payor enrollment (credentialing) and contracting process for the healthcare providers in your organization.  We keep you updated with monthly reports so that you don't have to question where you are at in the process.

Revenue Cycle Management: We have the tools you need to increase revenue and guide you and your staff to a more productive workplace. Our team of experts can analyze the gaps in your system and processes, which will save you time and money. not only should you be focused on providing the highest available standard of medical care, but you should also understand the areas of your business that can negatively affect patient satisfaction. Did you know that patient scheduling, billing, and payment misunderstandings are some of the top concerns patients have with their physician’s office?

Our team has 100+ years of experience in providing A+ patient experience and we want to help you!