Simpltek offers advanced biological testers for applications in water, indoor air quality, and food testing. The tests are inexpensive, easy-to-use, highly accurate and provide rapid results.

All our testers are designed around the same model: a unique, sterile, vacuum sealed self-filling glass ampoule filled with pre-measured, pre-mixed biochemical reagents that change color and mass when exposed to viable bacteria.

The testers are used by homeowners, students, governments, schools, and businesses. Tests are run on well, tap, surface, ground, cooling tower and waste waters; food and food handling surfaces; air ducts, vents and filters.

Our products are divided into two products lines: Micro Inspector single-use tests for the consumer market and Micro Tester Pro test kits for professional users who conduct many tests.

Our testers provide major advantages over other biological testers and test methods:

1.     Easiest to use - just snap ampoule tip in sample container, ampoule automatically fills

2.     Fastest results - in hours, not days
3.     Extremely accurate - within 99% correlation to standard laboratory plate count
4.     No false positives - only measures log phase, viable microbial activity
5.     Easy to understand results - shows both presence/absence and quantitative results. Observe for color change over time.
6.     Rugged design - ideal for field testing. Not storage sensitive. 4+ years shelf life.
7.     AutoAnalyzer - used as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a PC and   QC

Bacterial Growth Analysis System software, automates the testing procedure.

Water testing is conducted using the basic ampoule.

Food testing is conducted using the basic ampoule in conjunction with a Food Sampler Kit to obtain a proper sample. Food handling surface testing is conducted using the basic ampoule in conjunction with a Dry Surface Sampler kit.

Indoor Air Quality testing is conducted using a Total Microbe ampoule in conjunction with a Dry Surface Sampler Kit for to allow for duct, vent and filter sampling.

The product adheres to EPA approved test methods, is ASTM approved, has US Patents 5159799, 5550032 and 5735799, and FDA approval will be sought shortly.

Micro Inspector Products

The Micro Inspector product line is designed for the do-it yourself consumer marketplace as a simple way for the homeowner to get a quick, inexpensive answer to his concerns about water, food or indoor air quality.

This product line offers 3 biological tests: Coliform, E-coli and Total Microbe. Coliform is the most common test for water potability and E-coli is commonly tested for in both water and food environments. The Total Microbe test is a general purpose heterotrophic screen for the presence of any/all aerobic and facultative bacteria, yeast and fungi. Often when testing for a specific bacteria, other pathenogenic bacteria are missed. This test indicates any microbial presence, non-specifically. Further testing at a lab can indicate species.

In addition to the biological tests, the Micro Inspector line includes 6 chemical tests. These tests indicate presence and quantity of specific chemicals in water and take only minutes to run. The tests are: Ammonia Nitrogen, Chlorine DPD, Hardness Level, Iron, Phosphate Ortho-WR and Zinc. Also offered is a Nitrate/Nitrite Test Strip. Nitrate/Nitrite is the   most common water chemical test and is important because high levels are unsafe for babies and pregnant women, causing “Blue Baby Syndrome”.

Micro Tester Pro Products

The Micro Tester Pro product line is our professional line for users that conduct many tests. Biological test kits come with 8 or 30 ampoules to a box and chemical tests 30 to a box. Typical users are governments, schools, businesses, HVAC professionals, food industry quality control workers, water providers and testers, and environmental consultants.

The Micro Tester Pro line offers the same biological tests as the Micro Inspector line as well as tests for Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Total Sulfur Bacteria and Iron Bacteria.

In addition, testing can be automated using our AutoAnalyzer instrument. This spectropho-tometer can be used as a stand-alone instrument that provides reading measurements or it can be combined with QC Bacterial Growth Analysis System software residing on a connect¬ed PC that can batch process up to 50 tests or do individual fully automatic tests. The soft¬ware can store, search, sort and export data.
Food handling surfaces and air duct, vent and filter surfaces can be sampled and tested when used in conjunction with the Dry Surface and Food Sampler kits that compliment our test ampoules.