Simply Groceries began six years ago. We, the founders of Simply Groceries, were trying to fulfill a need in the Myrtle Beach area. The residents of Myrtle Beach rely upon the vacationers that come and visit the beautiful sand and sun that our geographical area has to offer. Locals of Myrtle Beach cook, clean, sing and dance for our travelling guests. We asked the question, “How can we help our patrons have an even more relaxed and satisfied experience while also providing jobs for our local community?” The answer to this question was the creation of Simply Groceries.

Simply Groceries is the #1 Myrtle Beach Grocery Delivery service. We have the lowest delivery fee of $9.99 and the most user friendly website to shop online. We offer the ability to place an order months in advance all the way up to the day of your arrival. Our partnerships with MyrtleBeachHotels.com, Condolux.net, Thomas Realty, and VacationMyrtleBeach.com have been a win, win, win for the past 5 years. Guests simply go to our website www.simplygroceries.com and choose from over 4,000 products to add to their virtual cart. Once finished shopping simply enter your delivery address and pay with any major credit card or paypal. You are done! Now, just check in to your resort, condo or house and you don't have to worry about fighting the crowds and then discovering empty shelves at the brick and mortar grocery store! Sit back and start your vacation the moment you arrive!!! Simply Shop and Simply Save with Simply Groceries!!!