No matter how much we read and planned before Cedar was born, nothing could have prepared us for the moment when he was finally there, looking in our eyes. Suddenly we were Mommy and Daddy, and this new little person relied on us for everything.

The days passed in a happy blur of feeding, burping, changing, cuddling…and laundry. Endless laundry. It seemed like everything that went into his mouth soon came back out. We had so much practice changing his clothes that we were soon doing it in record time, creating quite a heap of laundry!

A few months later, we thought things were getting easier when our baby stopped spitting up. Then his teeth started to come in and he became a little drooling machine, sending us back to the laundry again. We were still going through three or four changes a day, just for drool. We needed something to change.

We loved the way that he looked in his cute little outfits, so we didn’t want to cover them with ugly bibs. We wanted something that could not only protect his clothing, but be stylish, too.

After trying many different designs, we came up with our Simply Koala baby bandana bibs. The comfortable fleece is soft against Cedar’s skin, he looks adorable and we are finally getting a break from the laundry!

We hope you love our bandana bibs as much as we do!

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