Simply Upholstery & Design lives in the legacy of bringing the life back to your old furniture through the craftsmanship of upholstery. Over time our furniture become worn, damaged and easily replacing them could be difficult financially and emotionally. Simply Upholstery & Design gives your old furniture piece the needed reviving and makes over to suit your design needs.

“Hakan Upholstery” in Istanbul, Turkey (2007)

The passion for upholstery takes its roots from Istanbul, Turkey. In 1965, the upholstery business opened in Istanbul and it operated as a family business. Continuing the legacy of the family business further is son Hakan Saka. At a very young age Hakan already assumes some roles in keeping the family business. Hakan spends his free time helping his parents with the business in order to pay the bills. At his young age, Hakan learned the craftsmanship of upholstery and how the business goes. When he eventually arrived in the United States, he decided to offer the same upholstery service he had come to know. The year 2009 marked the beginning of a home-based upholstery service in Sterling, Virginia. What started as a simple passion for craftsmanship in Istanbul now grew and established its foundations here in the U.S. The New Year also brings something new for the business. At the beginning of 2012, Simply Upholstery & Design moves to its new location in Fairfax Station, Virginia.