About Simprentis


Simprentis is a provider of learning to the international oil and gas industry.

Reykjavik, Kingston, Caracas, and Stavanger are among the many cities where we have delivered training courses recently. Participants include a wide range of different groups in and around the energy industry, including students, support staff, geoscientists, petroleum engineers, bankers, politicians, and governmental officials.

Regardless of location and audience, practically all course participants find the learning approach to be extremely effective.

Firstly, our learning simulations are based on a concept called “system dynamics”. This concept is inherently great at providing participants with an overall understanding of a subject. To take one example, our OilSim learning simulation is a “dynamic model” of the energy industry. When we effectively enable participants to experiment with and explore this dynamic model they ultimately understand what the industry is actually about.

Secondly, our training courses have been carefully designed and timed in order to unleash the participants’ energy and desire to learn. Participants are grouped in teams that compete and collaborate with other teams, and in the learning simulation the teams are given appropriate challenges that must be solved. The right blend of challenges, competition, and collaboration makes the learning experiences engaging, enjoyable, and educational.

Finally, we have replaced the traditional lecturer with a facilitator. This means that the course leader’s role no longer is to spoon-feed the participants, but rather to facilitate the process in which the participants themselves discover the dynamics of the course subject in a collaborative and energetic setting.

We put energy into learning.