singaporegrocerystore.com continues to expand its grocery delivery service, reaches many Indian homes in Singapore.

We are adding new products every day as per the needs of customers may it be ,Nandini milk, heritage milk, Amul Taaza Milk, Ashirwad atta

,Pilsbury Atta,  Gold Winner Sunflower Oil, Amul paneer, Amul Ghee, Udhyam Ghee,  Indian Maggi Noodles, Gulab Jamuns, Rosa Gula, Indian

Basmati rice, India Gate Basmati rice, Red Label tea, Taj mahal tea, ponni rice, MDH masala, MTR foods, bambino, coke, pepsi, marigold Rohu

fish, Katla Fish, Hilsa Fish, Praws and so many more all

Only Online store to offer Fresh Indian Vegetables and authentic Indian Groceries.

Lowest Price and express service is our motto

The main purpose and ultimate goal of singaporegrocerystore.com is to eliminate countless hours you spend shopping groceries and household

supplies.  Unfortunately, the time that is lost is lost forever.

By using our service you can spend your time doing the things you really enjoy. In just minutes you can order your groceries over the

Internet and we will have them delivered right to your door for Free.

Now you save more money by not doing impulse shopping and unwanted trips to convenience stores. There are no mark-ups on grocery items, you

rather pay lesser amount that the supermarket of your choice charges .

Singapore Groceries see a need for this type of service in Singapore & since no one else has sought to provide it the way we do, on the

level that we do.

www.singaporegrocerystore.com is aware of how important it is that the food you serve your family is of the highest quality. One of the

most important factors in food preparation is the freshness of the ingredients. When you place your grocery order with us we make sure that

the products you use to prepare your meals are of the highest quality.

Saving time and money is part of the www.singaporegrocerystore.com goal.