Sing into Life is a series of musical social stories developed by Music Therapists and an Occupational Therapist that aim to help children on their journey through daily life.

Social stories are a powerful means of promoting social development, emotional growth and communication skills for all children, in particular young children and those who have varying degrees of ability.

The books utilise a central character to support and enhance connection. Bo Jingles will help children to participate in everyday activities that they might find challenging or difficult to understand such as going to the doctor, dentist or school. Once a child can participate in their activities and environment, it helps to develop their independence, self esteem and self confidence.

These books can be used in a number of ways and in a variety of settings: they can be read aloud by an adult, looked at in conjunction with the audio recording, or the music can be listened to as a group.

Most importantly, these books provide opportunities for the parent/caregiver to interact with the child and move with them through these various experiences.