Singtrix creator John Devecka is an early music game pioneer who, together with former band mate and business partner Eric Berkowitz and Al Roque introduced the first coin-operated musical performance game, Drumscape, in 1996. Drumscape’s patents and underlying technology would eventually find their way into “Guitar Hero.” Together with Guitar Hero’s founders, Kai and Charles Huang, the Singtrix team plan to bring the next culture-changing musical experience to the world.

Singtrix | Karaoke That Makes You a Rock Star!  

Studio-Quality Effects at the Turn of a Dial
The plug-and-play Singtrix Studio is powered by professional vocal effects processing from TC-Helicon, the leader in live studio-quality vocal effects. Singtrix offers more than 300 retro and modern vocal effects presets covering every generation and genre of music, including everyone’s favorite singing anthems.

You Are Your Own “Live Back-up Singers”
In addition to dozens of professional effects like reverb, flanger, delay, doubling, hard tune and more, the Singtrix Live Harmony effects provide up to four additional harmony voices and can be used to make a chorus or bridge of your favorite songs sound larger than life. The “Hit” effect button located on the microphone conveniently controls this and other effects. Now one singer can instantly sound like their favorite vocal supergroup or a choir of voices.

Professional-Quality Pitch Correction and Enhancement
Using state-of-the-art technology, Singtrix makes a user’s voice sound better and stronger without sounding un-natural. The Singtrix Studio offers three skill levels with progressive pitch correction: Enhanced, Semi-Pro and Pro.

Total Freedom with Any Music Source, Any Device
The Singtrix Studio requires a music source and is compatible with audio devices with a 3.5mm audio connector. Singers can simply plug in a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or computer and choose songs from their own music libraries, karaoke apps or stream karaoke videos from sites like YouTube™. Singtrix provides the option to lower existing vocals on standard songs with a “Song Voice” feature.  Optional Singtrix Karaoke App for iOS and Android also available for monthly subscription or individual song download.

Compact & Portable Sound Reinforcement
The Singtrix 40-watt, 2.1 custom Stereo Speaker System is compact and portable. With a built-in subwoofer, it provides exceptional room-filling sound, allowing users to bring the party wherever they go. As an added bonus, it can be used as a home theater or gaming speaker.