SIPPfunds.co.uk specialises in bringing together a unique range of investment opportunities for clients wishing to obtain a range of ‘Fixed Term & Fixed Return’ investment products, whether as direct ‘stand alone’ non-pension fund investments or via the use of a UK SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).
The product range is primarily focused on commercial land and property investment products designed to offer the client a high degree of investment security whilst being able to achieve greater levels of return than a typical UK cash deposit account. All current products selected by SIPPfunds.co.uk are suitable for SIPP investment and have been approved under the UK Inland Revenue rules by some of the UK's specialist SIPP providers.
SIPPfunds.co.uk do not give pension advice but work closely with a specialist firm of Independent Financial Advisers, as this field of expertise requires detailed knowledge of an individual's retirement planning. Independent financial advice, when planning for retirement, is essential and usually unique to each individual. Our partner firm of Independent Financial Advisers is on hand to provide fully independent ‘whole of market' advice should this be required.