SISA is a global leader in Information Systems and Security Audit Services. SISA Certification is a global brand in information security with its worldwide offices catering to US, European and Asia-Pacific markets. We are also the certification partners for Business Software Alliance and Microsoft.

SISA Competency Matrix is divided into 3 major categories Consulting, Training and Products.


•     PCI Compliance - SISA certifies organizations on PCI-DSS, P2PE, PA-DSS and ASV.
•     Technical Security Services - SISA conducts advanced technical security services such as Forensic Investigation, Application and Network Penetration Test, Code Reviews, etc.
•     Risk Management - SISA consults on ISO 27001, HIPAA, DPA, BCM, GLBA, etc. SISA also does enterprise security risk assessment on ISO 27005 and OCTAVE methodologies.


•     CPISI Certification – 2 days’ workshop covering PCI DSS standards and Implementation steps for Merchants, Banks and Service providers.

•     CISRA Certification – 2 days’ workshop covering Risk assessment using various methodologies such as  ISO 27005, OCTAVE & NIST SP 800-30 principles.

•     Awareness Session : On demand In-house Workshops at Clients premises


•     SISA Assistant – Risk and Compliance management tool