Sisterhood Agenda is comprised of two entities:  Sisterhood Agenda, Inc. and Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC.  

Sisterhood Agenda, Inc. is a global nonprofit agency created in 1994 by Angela D. Coleman to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls of African descent.  As a female empowerment leader, Sisterhood Agenda’s network includes over 3,000 Global Partners in 34 countries.  

Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC is a for-profit company created in 1998 to include social entrepreneurship ventures such as publishing, consulting, workshops, and presentations.  Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC publishes books and educational materials such as Black Girls Guide, A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum & Student Manual, Sisters:  Healthy & Empowered (SHE) Health & Wellness Activity Guide, SisterCamp, and Beautiful.  

African American Matchmaking™ is a division of Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC.
Both agencies manage several blogs and jointly manage the Sisterhood Agenda Global Training Academy based in the U.S. Virgin Islands.