Sister Of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida the first of it kind for women only in the State of Florida
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Training female veterans, low income women and  women on welfare in construction!


Sister of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida ( Sister Of NEW), a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was formed on December 1, 2012 as a uniquely positioned women’s organization for the purposes of providing training of Florida’s trades which will ultimately employ a motivated, highly skilled labor pool of women for contractors and other construction industries.


Sister Of NEW Pre-Apprenticeship of South Florida (Sister Of NEW) prepares women for nontraditional careers in construction, utilities, and transportation industries. Through innovative training programs, Sister Of NEW graduates successfully compete for skilled blue-collar careers that enable women to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Sister Of NEW Programs include a mix of hands-on shop skills, classroom instruction, physical fitness assessment, job development and placement services, social service referrals, and case management. After completing the pre-apprenticeship training program, Sister Of NEW graduates enter apprenticeship programs and begin work in the in related positions within the industry.

Key Programs include:

·    Apprenticeship Program

·    Employer Job Placement Program

·   Sister of NEW - SoNew Pocket Home Village and SoNEW Tiny Home Village
Sister Of NEW is not only a construction training program for women, but also a new fresh way to HELP homelessness:

Consider SoNEW Pocket homes the first step into housing.

Even the name SoNEW Pocket homes was created to stay away from the negativity that comes from the word shelter.

We cannot fix homelessness using the same tactics that have been in place for years.

Pocket homes will help transform homeless people that have been in the streets for years.

Most homeless people grew accustomed to their freedom, therefore making it difficult to live or get help from shelters.