Just as Heavy D, David Bloom, Serena and Cathleen found out if we sit idly          mbrown1@neo.rr.com                        
for extended periods of time we can develop blood clots in the lower legs or          www.sitacise.com 330 280-7687
deep vein thrombosis that can result in a pulmonary embolism.                                
                                                                                                                                   Sitacise Seminars are available
A pulmonary embolism happens when the blood clot breaks off and flows              @ mbrown1@neo.rr.com
through the vein, up to the heart and into the lungs and lodges there and                  or 330 497-9626,330 280-7687
blocks the blood flow and can cause sudden injury or sudden death.                        

Serena was lucky and hers was caught in time but Heavy D, David Bloom and
Cathleen were not as fortunate and they were killed by DVT. Cathleen was
working at her desk when the clot formed according to her doctors. But how
did the clot form and what can we do to prevent them from forming?

Unlike arteries, which rely on the heart to force blood through them, the veins transport        
blood with the help of muscle contractions while we move and walk. Veins also
have valves that keep blood from flowing backward and pooling in your arms and legs.

When we are inactive for an extended period our venous circulation slow down, as a
result clotting factors in the blood cause the slow moving blood to clump together
forming a blood clot or thrombus. This is how Cathleen got DVT from idle sitting.

Sitacise has developed a series of movements and exercises that can              
be done while we’re sitting that will contract the muscles to help transport the blood
through our veins. This will prevent idle sitting that causes DVT and PE.

Sitacise has also been found to help reduce the other risks associated with idle sitting                    
such as diabetes, obesity, cancers, heart disease and some back and leg problems.
Sitacise offers a large range of products at www.sitacise.com, such as the 30 second
movement/exercise chart book that has been called the manual for all who have to sit.

Sitacise also has available at www.sitacise.com The Sit & Get Fit DVD’s that show
more movements to help prevent & treat DVT and the other diseases.
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