Sit and Be Fit is a non-profit organization committed to healthy aging advocacy. We believe everyone has the right to feel good and age well. We empower people to improve their lives through safe, effective, media-based health and wellness programming. Sit and Be Fit was founded by registered nurse, Mary Ann Wilson. In 1985, after observing older adults in her high impact aerobics classes become injured and frustrated, Wilson designed an exercise program that addressed their specific needs. She called the program Sit and Be Fit. The results were overwhelmingly positive. This success inspired her to approach the PBS station, KSPS-TV, and rally support. In 1987 the first season of Sit and Be Fit was produced and has been airing nationally on public television ever since. The program continues to grow in popularity and relevance. The medically based exercise series was originally designed for seniors and those needing slow gentle movement, but has proven effective for anyone. Sit and Be Fit is designed with a team of healthcare professionals and is recommended by doctors and physical therapists. The series has a loyal niche market of viewers who set their clocks by the program, which airs 44,000 times annually with 85% penetration in the top 25 media markets. The program has won 24 national awards for excellence in health and fitness media programming and is recognized by the National Council on Aging as a “Best Practice” program in Health Promotion. While much of the Sit and Be Fit workouts are done primarily from a seated position many standing exercises are incorporated to improve balance.