Situ Biosciences is an independent microbiological lab providing  testing service and microbial consultancy, product formulation and development guidance on microbial product development and biodegradation testing.

Today's antimicrobial product needs extend beyond basic product testing.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative microbial testing and formulation development, for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers of material and products with microbial properties.

Our Expertise
Over thirty years of experience in microbiology and antimicrobial new molecule discovery, formulation development, regulatory oversight, and laboratory testing.

Our expertise encompass biochemical, manufacturing and formulation of over 130 antimicrobial additives used in industrial and consumer product applications.
We offer a full range of product testing performed at our microbiological test facility for antibacterial, antifungal and antialgal chemistries and formulations.

Our Laboratory

A modern microbiology and analytical laboratory with over 1200 sq feet of space located near Chicago, IL. We support testing for nearly all microorganisms and specialize in the testing of antimicrobials for bacteria, fungi and algae.

Senior Staff
Dr. Don Satchell - Manager and Technology Director
Has worked in the field of formulation development and microbial chemistries for over 19 years.

Post graduate research biochemist at the University of California in discovery of organic molecules and antimicrobials.

Sr. Research Biochemist for The Dow Chemical company, leading discovery of new antimicrobial molecules and developing new high-throughput methods in formulation development and testing for global industrial markets.

International Technology Director for Microban Products Company, a consumer products antimicrobial supplier. Leading liquid formulation development for a range of global consumer products and applications.

Over 40 publications, presentations and lectures for antimicrobials for a range of industry applications including, disinfectants, coatings, textiles, metal working fluids, thermoset resins and thermoplastics, and personal care products.

ASTM Committee participation for antimicrobial performance methods for bacteria, fungi and algae and biodegradation and composting of plastics, papers and biodegradable materials.

Expert in formulation, development and microbiological testing for testing of plastics, polymers, coatings, papers, textiles, disinfectants and intermediates for ASTM, AATCC, ISO, JIS, AOAC, TAPPI, NSF and MIL STD microbiological test methods.