Sivan Design was incorporated in 1996 and rapidly became a world leader provider of GIS turnkey solutions, and as a developer of Civil Engineering CAD and 3D simulation software.
The company has expertise in:
•     Development, implementation and maintenance of GIS with ERP information systems – offering effective management processes related to land, properties, roads, highways, and underground infrastructures
•     Development of state-of-the-art civil engineering design software CivilCAD, and Civil Simulate – a software tool for creating hyper realistic, drive-through 3D simulation and visualizations of roads and highways
•     Leading the development process of the upcoming 3D GIS initiative
Sivan Design's products and services address requirements of small companies and large corporations, as well as federal, state, and local government authorities.

Fields of Interest
Sivan Design is striving to expand its activity in its fields of interest. We are fully committed to excellence, providing our customers with the best service, technology and methods available world-wide today.
•     GIS-ERP solutions developers for management of land, property, roads and underground infrastructure
•     Land management procedures analysis, defining detailed specification, training, implementation and capacity building
•     3D simulation and visualization for civil engineering project, as well as GIS and cadastre systems
•     Color Ortho-photography and photogrammetric mapping
•     LIDAR mapping
•     Geographic surveying and mapping
•     Civil engineering CAD software

Sivan Design Group
Sivan Design is rapidly growing and expanding its worldwide presence, with strategic alliances providing support and distribution in over 15 countries.
Sivan Design’s group of companies include, among others:
•     Sivan Design Inc. - California based US company
•     Sivan Design D.S Ltd - of Israel
•     Sivan Design D.S Ltd - of Nigeria
•     Sivan Design Ltd – of Uganda
•     Sivan Design Ltd – of Kenya
Headed and managed as an independent profit unit, each company holds vast know-how and expertise to provide its clients with planning, implementation, maintenance and support services.
The group currently operates in Israel, USA, Costa-Rica, Chile, India, Thailand, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and more.
Sivan Design team consists of experts in various fields, including:
•     GIS and Land management
•     IT (Information Technology) and system analysis
•     Software engineering for GIS and civil engineering solutions
•     Urban planning, geography and cartography
•     Civil Engineering and surveying
•     Aerial and satellite photography
All team members have high level graduate education in engineering, survey, geography, computer science, architecture and management.