At Six8 we design and produce private label casual clothing for the tall and athletic man.
No longer does a tall man have to accept a shirt that's twice as wide as it needs to be just because he's tall. Six8 provides length and width in the proper ratio.

Six8 Clothing Co. Jeans come in 3 styles and come in waist sizes 32" thru 40". All waist sizes come with inseams 34", 36" and 38", in stock.

Six8 Clothing Co. shirts come in sizes L thru 3XL. Each size has TWO tall/length options: Tall (T) or Extra-Tall (XT). The XT length option is unique to Six8 Clothing Co and allows tall men to wear the appropriate length without having to go wider/larger. XT  is recommend for anyone at 6'7" or above.

The Six8 Difference:
1. Shirts are made in Seattle, WA - USA
2. Jeans are made from USA materials, assembled in Mexico
3. Shirts feature larger buttons to accommodate larger hands of the tall man
4. Jeans feature wider and deeper pockets
5. Jeans feature a larger zipper pull tab, all to accommodate the larger hand of the tall man.

Six8 Clothing Co. is the only brand in the US designed by a tall man for the tall man.